Research Interests:

Research and teanetwork analysis, numerical linear algebra, graph algorithms, data mining, scientific computing, numerical analysis, matrix analysis

Upcoming Talks and Events:

  •  An Ensemble Framework for Detecting Community Changes in Dynamic Networks, Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM), San Diego, Ca, 10-13 January 2018.
  • Detecting changes in node importance in time evolving networks, Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM), San Diego, Ca, 10-13 January 2018.

Preprints and Work in Preparation:

  • J. Alstott, C. Klymko, P. B. Pyzza, and M. Radcliffe, Local rewiring algorithms to increase clustering and grow a small world. In revision. arXiv:1608.02883
  • C. Klymko and G. Sanders, Detecting highly cyclic structure with complex eigenpairs. Submitted. arXiv:1609.05740

Current Projects:

  • Developing methods for the use of biased random walks for high level graph analysis.  This is work for a project led by Roger Pearce and Geoff Sanders.  We are also working closely with Olivia Simpson, as well as with Tahsin Reza and Matei Ripeanu from UBC.
  • Research into dynamic community detection with Geoff Sanders, Van Henson, and Tim La Fond.
  • Working with Nate Veldt from Purdue University on local community detection.
  • Researching algorithms for rewiring edges in graphs/networks to maximally affect the clustering coefficient and the use of these algorithms for data analysis with Jeff Alstott, Pamela Pyzza, and Mary Radcliffe.



My past talks can be found here.  Past events which I have chaired or organized can be found here.